car insurance It is important to get the best deal on your car insurance, but getting the best deal means not just a good price from a leading insurer but also a comprehensive service that provides you with access to essential services at no extra charge and dealing with a broker who can provide you with the additional assistance you may need. We provide instant access to a car insurance quotes from a panel of leading insurers, all with an established track record in the provision of cost effective car insurance. All our quotes are provided in detail so that you can review the terms and conditions of each policy and compare cover from the leading insurers.

Motorists Legal Expenses and Uninsured Loss Recovery Services

It is important to have the right arrangements in  place if you are are unfortunate enough to be involved in a claim. For many this will mean making use of an uninsured loss recovery service, ULR, and motorists legal expenses insurance policy. Many companies charge for these services by way of additional fees and charges on top of your policy. At Blackfriars, we make no such charges, all our motor insurance clients benefit from them services at no additional cost whatsoever. The motorists legal expenses insurance that we provide to all our clients is fully insured and again like many competitors, this means that you will receive 100% of any compensation due to you following an accident. Other products in the market will only provide this service to you on the basis that you will receive 75% of any award.

Car Insurance Broker

We are a professional insurance broker providing car insurance across the UK. We earn our income from the commission paid to us by the insurers with whom we place our client’s business. This does not increase the price of your car insurance, whilst other providers do not earn commission they do in fact earn arrangement and introducer fees which in many cases are far in excess of the commission that a broker will earn on a policy. The difference is that as a broker we ill work on your behalf to ensure that your receive the best service from your insurer.