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Hauliers Transit Insurance

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Hauliers transit insurance protects the haulier against their legal liability for loss or damage to customers’ goods whilst in their possession.

Hauliers limit their exposure to excessive or unreasonable claims by limiting their liability for loss or damage to customers’ goods in their conditions of carraige. The conditions of carriage usually contain limitations relating to the circumstances that liability can attach and the monetary value payable.

The standard conditions of carriage used for goods carried within the UK are RHA 1998 & 2009, which limit the haulier’s liability to £1,300 per tonne. Goods that are carried as part of an international transit may be covered by CMR 1956 which limits the haulier’s liability to 8.33 SDRs per kilo.

Goods in storage (not in the course of transit) are normally stored under UKWA 2002 or RHA 1998, both of which limit liability to £100 per tonne.

Customers of hauliers should consider insuring their own goods rather rely on hauliers’ protection as this may not be adequate.

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