kit car insuranceWe provide access to great deals on kit car insurance from our panel of leading insurers providing cost effective motor insurance for kit car enthusiasts in the United Kingdom.

What is kit car insurance?

The standard policy for kit cars provides a similar level of protection to the standard motor insurance product but can be tailored to meet the additional needs of the enthusiast with additional options that take regard of the specialist nature of this type of insurance.

Who provides kit car insurance?

This is a specialist class of motor insurance and is only available from a limited number of providers in the United Kingdom consequently you will not receive numerous quotes for you kit car insurance. It is important that you understand the difference between the products available from insurers that do provide kit car insurance as the standard level of cover under the policy does vary and it is important that you both understand this cover and ensure that it meets with your requirements.

What is build up cover under kit car insurance?

This is available from a limited number of insurers and it will provide protection for your kit car during the assembly phase, offering you protection in respect of the parts and the part assembled vehicle whilst in the course of construction.

What is an agreed value policy for kit cars?

In the event of a claim on standard motor insurance policies, the insurer’s maximum liability for loss or damage to the vehicle will be the book value of the vehicle based on it’s age and condition. For an agreed value policy the starting point for settling a claim is the value of the vehicle as has been agreed at the inception of the policy. This is suitable for vehicles where the book value of the car is not an appropriate measure.

What is parts only insurance for kit cars?

If you have built the vehicle yourself, you may choose to insure the car on a parts only basis that effectively reduces the sum insured under the policy in respect of own damage claims for the vehicle. This can save you a significant proportion of the annual premium.

Breakdown insurance for kit cars.

Some standard breakdown insurance products do not cover kit cars and it is essential that you check the details of the contract to ensure that your vehicle is protected.

Motorists Legal Expenses Insurance and Uninsured Loss Recovery Services for Kit Cars

These are included as standard with all motor insurance products from Blackfriars and no additional premium or charges are payable in respect of these additional benefits.