What is office insurance?

Office insurance is a comprehensive policy which includes a range of covers as necessary. It is designed to meet the needs of most businesses – contact us to discuss your bespoke needs.

What cover does an office insurance policy provide?

The policy provides you cover in key areas including;

  • Property Damage Insurance –  protecting the policyholder in against claims involving loss or damage to the physical assets of the business such as buildings tenants improvements, business contents
  • Business Interruption – protecting the policyholder against the financial losses incurred as a result of an interruption in the business as a result of a property damage claim under the policy.
  • Combined Liability Insurance – protecting the policyholder against claims made against them by third parties or any employees in respect of their legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising in the course of the business.
  • Portable Equipment Insurance – protecting the policyholder against loss of portable office equipment whilst away from the premises with all risks insurance on computers, mobile telephones and general business contents.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance – protecting the policyholder against the costs of defending and awards in respect of civil actions taken against the policyholder.

Who needs office insurance?

The office insurance package is suitable for a wide range of occupations and professions who work from or are office based.

What is not covered by office insurance policies?

As with other business insurance policies there are always exclusions to the cover and whilst the office package policy does offer exceptional value for money there are key aspects of cover that are not provided by the policy that you should be aware of;

  • As with most business policies subsidence or landslip and terrorism are not covered as standard, if you need this cover you need to ask for it.
  • Professional indemnity insurance is not available under most office insurance policies but this insurance is easily available as a separate policy if you require the protection.
  • Public liability and employers liability is not included in respect of manual employees.


What do I need to get a quote?

Just answer a few questions about:

  • your business
  • your employees
  • the type of cover you want

We’ll show you a range of quotes so you can compare and choose the right option for you.