In recent years the professional indemnity insurance market has changed significantly, certainly by the demand for the product but also with the ease with which it may be arranged and the significantly lower cost of the cover.

Many very competitive policies are now available without the requirement for a completed proposal form and cover may be arranged immediately for an ever increasing range of occuaptions and professions.

We have been engaged in the arrangement of professional indemnity insurance for over 30 years and benefit from a level of expertise and experience in this class of business that cannot be found in all brokers. We enjoy facilities with leading markets and also our own on-line professional indemnity quote service that does meet the requirements of more than 80% of applicants.

If your professional indemnity insurance requirements are more complex, or you would just like to discuss any aspect of the cover, please contact us directly at the number shown above and we will be delighted to assist you.


Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote